Past Simple Part seven Used to expresses a past habit or state

Past Simple Part seven Used to expresses a past habit or state
Used to
a) Used to expresses a past habit or state.
Sub + Used to + Verb1st form+ extra words.

I used to come here when I was a child.
Main yaha aya karta tha jab main bacha tha
Main yaha aney ka adi tha jab mein bacha tha

People used to come here in the evening for a walk.
Log yaha sham mein pedal chalney aya kartey they

I used to have a bicycle but I sold it.
Mere pass aik cycle thi lekin maine beach di thi

She used to be shy.
Wooh shamaya karti thi

There used to a hotel here.
Yaha aik hotel hua karta tha

This building used to be a hospital.
Yeh building hospital hua karti thi

He used to get first position.
Wooh pehli position hasil kiya karta tha

My father used to walk for miles everyday.
Mere abu rozana aik meal pedal chaltey they

The child used to get sick in every winter.
Bachey har sardiyo mein bemar hua kartey they

Sub + didn’t use to+verb1st +extra word

She didn’t use to have money.
Uskey pass paisey nehi hua kartey they

What did we use to have?
Humhrey pass kiya hua karta tha

What did you use to have/eat in your breakfast?
Tum apney nashtey mein kiya khaya kartey they

When did you use to get up in the morning?
Tum subha kab/kis waqt utha kartey they
Tum subha kab uthney ka adey they

Where did you use to go to practice?
Tum practice karney kaha jatey they

How much money did you use to earn monthly?
Tum kitney paisey maheney mein kama liya kartey they

Who used to teach you?
Tumhey kon parhaya karta tha

How many people used to walk in this park?
Kitney log park mein pedal chala kartey they
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