Friday, October 21, 2016



1ST FORM      2ND FORM     3RD FORM     1ST FORM      2ND FORM     3RD FORM
ask                   asked                asked              grow                grew                 grown
attack               attacked           attacked           guide                guided              guided
arise                 arose                arisen               go                     went                 gone
arrive                arrived arrived               get                   got                   got
bear                 bore                 borne               give                  gave                 given
buy                   bought              bought              guess                guessed            guessed
begin                began                begun               hide                 hid                   hidden
beat                  beat                  beaten              hold                  held                  held
break               broke               broken             know                knew                known
bite                   bit                    bit                    live                   lived                 lived
blow                 blew                 blown                ring                  rang                  rung
catch                caught              caught              rise                   rose                  risen
choose             chose               chosen              ride                  rode                 rode
come                came                come                run                   ran                   run
do                    did                   done                 swim                swam               swum
draw                drew                drawn               see                   saw                  seen
dig                    dug                   dug                   sing                  sang                 sung
drink                drank               drunk               show                showed            showed
eat                    ate                    eaten                shake               shook               shaken
fall                    fell                    fallen                shoot                shot                  shot
fight                  fought                fought             sit                      sat                    sat
fire                   fired                 fired                 sell                   sold                  sold
forget               forgot               forgotten           speak               spoke               spoken
find                   found                found                steal                 stole                 stolen
fly                     flew                  flown                strike                stroke               struck
forbid              forbade            forbidden          swear               swore               sworn
freeze               froze                 frozen               swing                swang               swung
fill                     filled                 filled                 sleep                slept                 slept
feed                  fed                   fed                   throw               threw                thrown
feel                   felt                    felt                    think                 thought thought
flee                   fled                   fled                   take                  took                 took    
float                  floated              floated              tell                    told                  told
use                   used                 used                 uproot               uprooted         uprooted
vote                  voted                voted                Weep               wept                 wept
win                   won                  won                     write              wrote               written
waste               wasted             wasted                work             worked                        worked
whisper            whispered         whispered            wait               waited              waited

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

English Urdu Short Motivational Story Nobody helps in the difficult time...

Motivational Story
Nobody helps in
the difficult time
Written By Tariq

When i became father, i did not have money to pay hospital bill
requested to my father  “can you give me
some money” or “May I borrow Some Money Father”
father gave me 500 Rupees than i got angry and said
this diffcult time i need 5000Rs and you are giving me 500 Rs”
he did not reply and he made me realize that i never saved something for a rainy
helps in the difficult time you must depend on yourself not others
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

4 minute With Mr Tariq True Opinion Question Vs Knowledge English to Urdu

Opinion Vs Knowledge
ہم اس بد نصیب معاشرے کا حصہ ہیں
جہاں حسن کا معیار گورا رنگ
اورعقل کا معیار انگریزی زبان ہے۔
We are part of unfortunate society.

Where beauty of quality is white color

And The quality of mind or common sense
is English language.
beauty is
not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart
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Tariq! You Are Only Muslim By Name English With Urdu Translation

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Lesson Three Use of I'm at The Craziest Way To Learn English Written By ...

Lesson Three The Craziest Way To Learn English Written By Mr Crazy (Tariq

Using the word 'at' helps tell someone where you
currently are.

“at” a particular place. If there is an inside
and outside to the place, “at” does not indicate whether you are
inside or outside.

Here are some examples:

I'm at the mall
Main mall mein ho (kio shoping center)
I'm at the doctor's office
Main doctor k office MEIN ho
I'm at the park

main park
I'm at the airport

main airport
per/MEIN ho
I'm at the corner
Main koney/khali jaga per/MEIN ho
I'm at the bus stop
Main buss per ho
I'm at the door
Main darwazey per ho
I’m at the top of the stairs
Main sub sey upper wali seerhiyo
per/MEIN ho
I’m at the bottom of the stairs
Main nichey wali seerhiyo per/MEIN ho
I'm at the top of the page
Main pehle safey per sub se uper ho
I'm at the end of the road
Main road k akhir per ho
I am at the entrance
Main darwazy/zeeney per ho
I am at the crossroads
Main chuhray Per ho ya main road par khara ho
I'm at the front desk
Main desk per ho

I'm at the park
Main pass per/mein ho
I'm at home
Main gher per/MEIN ho
I'm at reception
Main estaqbaliya counter PER ho
I'm at the side
Main koney PER ho
I'm at the bottom
Main nechey hoo
I'm at the top
uper ho
I'm at college
Main college mein ho
I'm at university
Main university mein ho
I'm at school
school mein ho

I'm at the corner of
5th Avenue and RASHID MINAS Street
Main Rashid minas road per 5vi sraak per koney per ho

I'm at the grocery
Main pansari/karyani ki dokan per/MEIN ho
I'm at the Aladin Park

at the parking
ghari karne wali jaga per ho
Avenue سڑک

Should I say “She is in the
park” or “She is at the park”?

at conceives
of a place or location as a 
point. Like an X on a map. You are at a
particular place and not some other place. If there is an inside and outside to
the place, at does not indicate whether you are
inside or outside.


I'm at the southeast entrance of the parking lot.
junoob masriq ki taraf gari gari kharey karne wali jaga k darwazey per ho

at the swimming pool. (somewhere near the swimming pool, not in
the swimming pool!)
swimming pool per ho

at the elevator. (as in at the elevator entrance)
Main lift per ho ya main ho

I hide my pain with a smile

The tongue has no bones, but is strong enough
to break a heart. So be careful with your words

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