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Write For Us

if you want to write for us don't think just write because i will be very happy if you write any topic about this website, this is very difficult  but when ever you try you will do it 


Write For Us 

Hello Teachers  , friends , readers I published this blog in 2013 now I am introducing guest post for readers, Teachers and visitors .I'm looking for guest authors to post on my blog at http://www.English-language-online.blogspot.com
All posts will be featured on Facebook Page, Twitter, Google Plus, RSS Feed sites as well.
I'll provide Author box with your profile and link to your profile
I will add you name and interview on my Team Page if you want to become a team member

Guest Post Topics For This Blog

Article can be anywhere between 400 - 800 words for the following topics:
How improve English Language
learning books for kids
How to Speak English Easily and  Properly
English language games for kids, 
English, spoken English tips, 
English language software
Website Review

Read This Note Before Posting Your Article

All topic should be related to Learning English
Try to write  in your own words please I request you that  don’t copy any article from any other website or  blog
We will not publish posts with links to off  topic sites such as  loan , credit card site and general finances site , gambling ,dirty or bad blog etc,
I will publish your article if you follow my instruction 
when ever you email me just comment on this page 

Submit Your Article

What is the procedure For publish your article on Learn English
It is very simple just make your post  related to above topics  and send your article to : Mr_ghum@hotmail.com
Either you can write post in Email or you can  attach your post  in text, doc or docx format
thank you for reading and being a part of one the most popular Education bog for blogger

 today i am going to share a beautiful  poem

This is hectic world
Mostly people are going to forget Each other
Every one does not care about any one  now days
I don’t know why
Why we are forgetting each others
Why we are not caring others
We always think about our self
God knows better
What will happen in the new generation?
God Please take care my Country And My People
May ALLAH help Every One In this difficult time
God Please forgive me And Forgive Every One
May ALLAH Show us right way

now days mostly people don't want to help any one  i don't know why but it is true if i say please help me write any topic(poem , grammar, vocabulary , share your opinion) you will not have time to think about this website but if you are making your own website you will write thousands topic, i don't want to blame any one  it is a human fact, that is the reason i never expect anything from any one because my ALLAH is enough for me, don't be selfish to write for others. don’t think i am offering you to write for my blog just write for your friend's blog you will feel happy after writing a topic I always say thanks to my ALLAH that’s why I have written a poem for my god, this poem is written by tariq
Thank you for giving me Every thing
Thank you to support me My lovely God
I always hurt you. My ALLAH
I did not know why I hurt you
You know very well
You know better than me
I really love you so much
Because when every one left me alone
You were only with me
And I am still very fool, I always complain to you
I hurt you but you did not leave me alone
I have a request
Never leave me alone even I will do any mistake
Whenever I disobey, please forget my mistake
And forgive me
Promise me you will be with me forever
If I write any thing wrong
So forget my mistake and forgive me
My dear sweet ALLAH
if you like this hope you write for us 
you have to sent me a topic what have you written just sent to on my email


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