Learn To Speak English with fluency

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Learn To Speak English with fluency

Assalam o alaikum this is tariq here today i bring lesson Eighteen,how can we speak English Easily?My student Asked this Question so i am going to explain it and and let me tell you without working hard you will not success 


Here is some list of learning English Easily

Listen is very important factor of Speaking English, why is it very important factor because when children born they do not know how to speak Urdu but he listen all day and night after

Two years they start Speaking Urdu that is the way I always say

Listen is the key of spoken

Speak English Easily Best Way To Learn

Daily Read One Page from Dawn Newspaper or Smash Magazine
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Very hard time for speaker

In the start you will do mistake,because you just want to do it so you tried your best without any hesitation but the most and the difficult time when people will try pull your leg down(insulting you because you did mistake) they don’t care about you and your language,they will try to break your confidence they taunt at you, they stair at  you like you are fool and at that time you should control yourself  and try to be patience that’s why I said this is very hard time speaker

I am saying because I got experiences from my mistakes I never feel shame of making mistakes

Most Important Factor of Learning English Language

This is very important factor that You have to think that you are a good speaker and you can speak English And Urdu very well without any hesitation and say loudly (yeh bohat aham angreezi bolne k liye k app yeh socho k app bol sakte ho aur app bohat achi tarha angreezi aur Urdu bol sakte ho baghir kisi hischaqahat k  yeh zor se bole)

you can do it… you must do it, nobody can’t stop me

(app kar sakte app lazman karoo gai aur app ko kio rook nehi sakta)


This is very common problem for everyone because they don’t know how to speak with fluency when they start to Speaking and they are getting stuck so here is my answer for students (yeh bohat aam masla hai har kisi k liye kyon k who log jante hai hi nehi ka kis tarha rawani se bolna hai jab app bolna shoro karte ho app bohat ziyda ataktey ho atak atak kar bolte ho toh merea jawab yeh hai k )

You have to go in front of mirror just start speaking English In this way you will increase your confidence level as well as speaking power if you do this daily I am sure you will not get stuck so try to do this daily  15 min in front of mirror and start conversation with yourself (app jaye shisha k samne aur bus bolna shoro karey angreezi yeh tareeqa se app apna atmaad bhi bharye gai aur bolne ki taqat bhi majhey yeqeen hai ager roz app karey gai toh ap bolne mein nehi ataktey gai magar rozana bus 15 minth shisha k samne baad karey apne app se)

How to write an article or paragraph

If you want to also improve your writing skill so you need to write an article and if you think you don’t know how to write paragraph so don’t worry just read articles and para  than you will learn how to write effectively Article or Short Story so why are you waiting. take out your pen and start writing

(Ager app apni likhai durust karna chahte ha to bus ap like hai kio bhi para ya kisi bhi subject per aur ager app sochte hai app ko likhna nehi ata toh pershan honey ki zarrort nehi bus parhe articless aur paragraph phir app ko pata chaly ga aik acha tareeqa kar kiya hai likhne k kahni aur kio bhi majboon toh app kis cheaz ka intizar kar rahe hai apna pen nikaley aur likhna shoro karey)

Lesson 18 : English Sentences in urdu

How may I help you
Main app ki kiya madad ya kidmat kar sakta
What is your father
tumhre abu kiya karte hai
kisi ko hasana
Free loader
Take your pipe and smoke
apne kam se kam rakho
You often crackle but never ley egg
tum bolte bohat ho karte kuch nehi
Peep in
jhaanko mat

Golden Word Of the day

Remember me like a present flower in your note book

It may not be having fragrance but  Remind you

of my existence for ever In your life as a GOOD FRIEND
  thank you for watching and reading
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