Article dowry is illegal Video

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Article dowry is illegal Video

Assalam o Alaikum this is Tariq,i am Here With New Lesson And in this Article and Top ten Story You will learn Who are we and why We Are doing this and we never feel shame What We do again and again just because of money and property so if you do this so i think you are greedy
Say I am Not For Sale
i am not for sale 

Top Story Dowry Is Good or bad Must watch this video

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Meaning Of Dowry JAHEZ

Money or property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage.
Dowry system is good or bad
 status in society
Some people also believe that giving and receiving a dowry will also increase their status in society. A Dowry is commonly given in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. It means that it is mostly practiced in south Asian countries, If brides’ parents (DULHAN K WALIDEEN) don’t have enough money to give a dowry then this will badly affect the girl after the marriage. Mostly, husbands beat their wives if they do not bring a dowry from her parents
We Hate Dowry

I heard from this line from many people
“tum gareeb ho yeh tumhra muqadar hai aur ager suser gareeb ho yeh tumhri bewaqoofi hai”
You are poor by  your destiny but if your father’s in law is poor too it is your stupid mistake

Concept of a dowry and a Mehr

Most people confuse the concept of a dowry and a Mehr. A Mehr is the amount given by the groom (DULHA)  to her bride. This practice (AMAL) is compulsory in Islam and was created simply to protect the rights of women.(AURAT KA HAT)  It is a large amount, usually fixed by the consultation of the bride, the groom, and their family members.
Mehr Amount Given By Me
Why People ask large amount of mehr I remember I gave only 5000 mehr to my bride and they were agree

A Dowry is not a part of Islam

A Dowry is not a part of Islam but is practiced (amal) in many Muslim countries. Whereas it is permissible (jaiz) for the parents to give gifts to the bride in Islam, it is not an Islamic tradition (rawayat) or culture (tahzeib). 
No Dowry I am not For sale


Pakistan adopted the dowry from Indian culture. Before the partition of India and Pakistan, all people were known as Indians. At that time, many Muslims and Hindus lived together, and they adopted many things from each other such as the dowry, Basant, Cast system etc.

Dowries in Pakistan

In recent years, there has been an increase in the value of dowries in Pakistan. Many people in Pakistan are illiterate, and many do not want to be educated. The literacy rate in Pakistan is about 60%. A lack of education facilitates (asan karma) the continuation (jari rakhna/tasal sul) of giving a dowry. Many Pakistanis become greedy when they think about what a dowry can provide them.
Girls are still single because of Dowry

Opinion From Students and friends

Sana khan said
in my opinion dowry system is curse for our society and so many people can’t afford because generally in Pakistan four and five daughter in every house so they can not afford dowry system.. Dowry its means expensive dowry if you purchase expensive dowry for your daughter then people will be interested in marry or if you have no money people are not interested to marry her that’why I don’t like dower
My best Friend Gave me Message On What app
Bura ha kio k is waja log ehsaas  e kamtri mein a jate hai or bohat si girls ka shadi mein masla hota hai ager larki apni marzi se kuch lena chahye toh sahi hai

It should be banned
A Dowry is a very bad thing and should be banned in all countries.

Request From Tariq Aziz

It is my Request You to Share This video With Your Friends,Parents ,Teachers because I created this article or top Story for Those Women who are unable to give money to groom and this is the reason they are still single I hope You will Share This Video With Your friends Teachers colleague, co workers ,Fellow
What is Your Oponion About Dowry. Is it good thing or bad thing please let me know please reply write four sentences
Thank you for watching and giving me your precious time

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