Lesson Thirty 30 "I want you to"~learn English speaking for beginners In...

Lesson Thirty 30 The craziest way to learn English

I want you to + Verb1st form

I want you to' is telling someone that you have a desire or would like for them to do something.

I want you to polish my shoes
Main chahta ho tum mere jhotey polish karo

I want you to clean the dishes.
I want you to do the dishes.
Main chahta tum bartan saaf karo

I want you to hold me
main chahta ho tum majhey pakro

I want you to come here right now
Main chahta ho tum abhi esi waqt yaha ao

I want you to come home right after school.
Main chahta tum school sey sidhey gher ao

I want you to know who I am(English song)
Main chahta tumhey pata chaley main kon ho

I want you to call once you get there.
Main chahta ho tum phone karo puran jab tum waha pohancho toh

I want you to do this
main chahta ho tum yeh karo

I want you to leave me alone
Main chahta tum majhey akla chor do

I want you to explain yourself to me.
main chahta ho tum apney barey mein wazahat sey majhey batao

I want you to educate me.
Main chahta ho tum majhey parhao

I want you to love me
main chahta ho tum majh sey pyar karo
Beauty attracts heart, but character attracts soul

Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart.

how many surahs are there in the holy quran?
There are 114 surahs in the holy quran
Today Question
who wrote the national anthem of pakistan?
I want you to stop
I want you to drive a car
I want you to help me
2nd assignment

Make Five sentences
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