2017 Best Quotes or Amazing Golden Words In English With Urdu Translatio...

2017 Best Quotes Forever or Amazing Golden Words In English With Urdu Translation By Tariq Aziz

I am not handsome
but I can give my hand to someone
who need help...Because
beauty is in heart
not in face..

If you are never alone
You cannot know yourself

Fake people everywhere

Standing alone doesn't mean I am alone,
it means I'm strong enough to handle things
all by myself.

People get stronger
After being hurt
Sometimes life is too hard to be alone,
and sometimes life is too good to be alone

It doesn’t matter where you came from. All that matters is where you are going

Everything you need
will come to you
at the perfect time

*Excellent message for all.*
Birth.: Given *by others*
Name: Given *by others*
Education: Given by others
Income / Revenue: Given *by others*
Respect: Given *by others*
First & Last Bath: will be Given *by others*
After Death Your Property & Belongings: will be taken *by others*
Funeral service / Burials: Will be done *by others*
Still i wonder why We have the unnecessary Ego problems in life.
Pray For My Parents
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