Mr Crazy Vs MrTariq True and Funny Spoken English Questions Answers

Mr Crazy : how many time do I tell you?
Mr Tariq : don’t tell me again and again
Mr crazy : why don’t you do that
Mr Tariq : I don't think it's a good idea.
Mr Crazy : it is a good idea to get married
Mr Tariq : but I am already married
Mr Crazy : get married one more time and it is called second marriage
Mr Tariq :are you crazy?
Mr Crazy : Don’t you know? I am crazy
Mr Tariq : Stop you Freakin' Mind
Mr Crazy: Do you Want to be happy?
Mr Tariq : I am happy. Do you have any doubt?
Mr crazy : yes of course I want to make you really happy? not only happy
Mr Tariq : I am satisfied with my life
Mr Crazy: but I am not satisfied
Mr Tariq : who the hell are you?
Mr Crazy: how many time do I have to tell you? I am crazy
Mr Tariq : you are crazy it means you will make everyone crazy
Mr Crazy: not everyone Just You
Mr Tariq : Oh My God Relax (he is trying to make me crazy I should be Relax)
Mr Crazy: I can tell you benefit of second marriage
Mr Tariq : sadly okay tell me
Mr crazy : you can make cricket team? You will have more money and more children
Mr Tariq : do you remember the story of second marriage?
Mr Crazy: yes of course I remember but it will not happen to you
Mr Tariq : are you sure ?
Mr Crazy: hundred and ten percent sure
Mr Tariq : why do you want me to get married?
Mr Crazy: because I want to make you crazy
Mr Tariq : are kidding with me?
Mr crazy : I am god damn serious
Mr Tariq : okay where is woman? and where do I find that woman ?
Mr Crazy: sorry to forget to tell you
Mr Tariq : what?
Mr Crazy: you need to pray to God
Mr Tariq : for what
Mr Crazy: pray To ALLAH “please give me Second wife”
Mr Tariq : you have got to be kidding
Mr Crazy: how many time do I tell you? I am serious
Mr Tariq : why are you teasing me ?
Mr crazy : I am not teasing you
Mr Tariq : there is no woman, no money and you have been forcing me to get second married
Mr Crazy: I am not forcing
Mr Tariq : so what are doing ?
Mr Crazy: nothing
Mr Tariq : why have you been doing this to me for 3 days
Mr Crazy: I want to see you how will you look after second marriage
Mr Tariq : Is this all about?
Mr crazy : I want to see you without home without money without wives
Mr Tariq : is this your plane to destroy and ruin my life
Mr Crazy: yes because when you will be alone. do you know what will happen?
Mr Tariq : No i dont know tell me what will happen?
Mr Crazy: you will not worship or pray to God or recite the holy Quran
Mr Tariq : are you satan?
Mr Crazy: no but everyone has and I am your satan
Mr Tariq : astagfirullah (ALLAH Forgive Me and protect me from satan)
Mr Crazy: I am in your soul Also In Your Heart
Mr Tariq : why are doing this to me?
Mr crazy : I love you, I am your friend but it is my duty
Mr Tariq : if it is your duty why have you been silence for 3 months
Mr Crazy: because i wanted to gain your trust
Mr Tariq : for what ?
Mr Crazy: you will forget your nabi’s Sunnah And Forget Your GOD
Mr Tariq : so why are telling me to get married again and again
Mr Crazy: if you do you will never ever be happy and you will not have time to fulfill the rights of wives, Rights of parents , rights of human being
Mr Tariq : O My God
Mr crazy : dont disturb your GOD
Mr Tariq : if I dont do this what will you do?
Mr Crazy: i will make you busy in making money and you will forget everything
Mr Tariq : if i dont Mr Crazy: this time i will not tell you but i will charge you