Grammar Lesson Twenty Three 23 How to make daily routine presentation in...

I get up at 5:30 then I perform wudu and offer Namaz-e-Fajr. After this I walk on the grass bare foot for half an hour. Then I come back home, freshen up and take breakfast. After this I get ready and go to my office. After reaching there I do my work till 1:30. Then I offer Namaz-e-Zoher, Asr and Maghrib on their times with congregation (=Jamaat) and carry on my work till 7:00. After coming back home, I freshen up and take a cup of green tea. Then I take some rest and after this I go to meet my friends or sometimes they come to meet me. We discuss different things and at around 9:00 I come back home take dinner with my family and go to a nearby ground with my mother to walk for half an hour. After coming back home sometimes I watch TV and then get my things ready for the next day. And at 12:00 or so I go to bed and I sleep.


Assalam O Alaikum friends,Teachers and Student.this is tariq,I am from Karachi.I have Been Teaching For 5 Years and i am doing job at MDS as a document Officer, I always Say "Nobody Is Perfect And I'm Nobody .

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