Grammar Lesson Twenty How To Make Story In Present Simple Tense In Urdu!...

I’m satisfied with my job. Once/one day my boss calls me and asks me to go to Islamabad to attend a seminar. I reply, “OK.” But I have a problem. I can’t sleep during the flight so I meet/consult with my doctor in this matter. He prescribes me a sleeping pill. I go to the market and buy it. Next day, I go to the air port , buy a ticket and get on the plane. After this I take pill and sleep. When I wake up I don’t see anybody and my luggage is also missing/not there. I get worried and I ask an air hostess about it. She tells me to go to the air port. I go there and ask an officer about my luggage. He asks me my flight number. When I tell him that he laughs at me. I get angry and I say to him, “Why are you laughing at me?” He gets serious and says, “Sir, your flight has some technical fault that’s why you are still in Karachi not in Islamabad.


Assalam O Alaikum friends,Teachers and Student.this is tariq,I am from Karachi.I have Been Teaching For 5 Years and i am doing job at MDS as a document Officer, I always Say "Nobody Is Perfect And I'm Nobody .

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