Lesson Four How to use the word Do With expressions by Tariq Aziz

Friday, March 24, 2017

Lesson Four How to use the word Do With expressions by Tariq Aziz

Expressions with DO
The following words are normally used with Do:

a course
Tariq is doing a course at college
Tariq college se course kar raha hai

a crossword

you do a crossword ( when you attempt to solve it. If you're setting one for somebody else to do you compile it.)
tum crossword hal kar rahe ho
tum crossword khelte ho

a dance
I will do a dance
main dance karo ga

a drawing
how to do a drawing on face book?
facebook per drawing kaisey banatey hai

a fart

If you do fart, nobody will hear it
Ager tum paad maro gai kio nehi suney ga

a painting
i have to do painting
majhey painting karni hai

an assignment
have you done assignment
kiya tumney assignment karliya

would you like to do business with me
kiya app mere saath karobar karna pasand karey gai

I will do business with you
Main tumhrey saath karobar karo ga

I will go shopping when I've done my chores
Main shopping per jao ga jab main apna kam khatam karlo ga

I did not do this damage
Maine yeh kharab nehi kiya
Main yeh nuksaan nehi kiya tha

right (the right thing)
I will do right
Main theak karo ga

the rest
I’ll do the rest
Main aram karo ga

Do wrong (the wrong thing)
You're Doing the Wrong Thing Right Now
Tum abhi galat kar rahe ho

Do everything
He does everything for his mother.
Wooh apni maa k liye sub kuch karta hai

Do nothing
She's doing nothing.
Wooh kuch bhi nehi kar rahi

do a favour

do me a favour
majh per aik ehsaan karey
You can do a favor
tum aik ehsaan kar sakte ho

do good
You have done good job
Tum ney acha kam kiya

do harm
Do not harm others
Dosro ko nuksaan mat pohanchao

do well
you have done well
tumney acha kiya

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