Lesson Seventy Nine 79 English Sentences In Urdu By Tariq Aziz

Friday, December 30, 2016

Lesson Seventy Nine 79 English Sentences In Urdu By Tariq Aziz

You have misunderstanding.
Tumhey galat fehmi hui hai

It's a fake wedding license.
Yeh jail nikah nama hai
She will tear your face off. .
wooh tumhra muhh nouch ley gi

My heart is longing for my friend.
mera dil mere dost k liye tarap raha hai

It's the grace of Allah. .
Allah ka karam sey

Are you speakless?
Kiya tum gonga ho?

Ponder it again.
Is pe dubara gor o fikir kro.

Never Sit Idle
Kbi Be-Kar Mt Beto

Mind Your Own Business
Apni Kam Sy Kam Rakho

Don't Talk Nonsense
Bakwas Mat Kro

I'm having cough.
Mujhe khhansi a rhi hai.

Everyone will spit on you.
Sub thhoken ge tujh per.
He may have forgotten,but i didn't.
Woh bhol gya hoga lykin main nahe.

Don't poke your nose in the middle.
Beech mein mt ghhussa kro.

I bet he will win!
Mujhe yaqeen hai k wo jeet jai ga.

I am afraid I am late!
Mujhey afsos hai k mein late ho gya.

What a shame!
kitni sharm ki baat hai.

That's too bad!
buhat bura hua.

Suit yourself!
Jo dil karta hai karo lo.

What did I tell you!
Mein na kehta tha

So far, so good!
Abhi tak to sub theek hai

There again!
Lo wo phir shuru ho gya.
You learn Something every day
if you pay attention
Life has many different chapters for us
One bad chapter does not mean
It is the end of the book
Dear God
I am trying my best,But I need some rest
Please calm my heart And take my worries away

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