38 Basic English Sentences (English/Urdu)

Friday, October 10, 2014

38 Basic English Sentences (English/Urdu)

today i am gonna share with Basic English language sentences In Urdu For Kids And For those who wants to learn basic .
1.     This is, That is, These are, Those are,
These (plural form of this )
Yeh ( aik se ziyda cheazien ko liye)
Those (plural form of that).
Wooh/ UN ( Aik se ziyda cheazien )

  these are very most common basic English sentences Written By sir tariq

This is a book.
Yeh kitab hai
This is not a book.
Yeh kitab nehi hai
Is this a book?
Kiya yeh kitab hai
What is it?
Yeh kiya hai
That is a pencil.
Wooh pencil hai
That is not a pencil.
Wooh pencil nehi hai
Is that a pencil?
Kiya wooh pencil hai
What is that?
Wooh kiya hai
These are books.
Yeh kitabain hai
These are not books.
Yeh kitabain nehi hai
What are these?
Yeh kiya hai(aik se ziyda)
Are these books?
Kiya yeh kitabain hai
Those are pencils.
Wooh penciley hai
Those are not pencils.
Wooh penciley nehi hai
Are those pencils?
Kya wooh penciley hai
What are those?
Who kiya hai
What is your address?
Tumhra pata(address) kiya hai
What’s your name?
Tumhra naam kiya hai
What color is this?
Yeh konsa rang hai
 What size is that?
Wooh kitna naap ka hai
What day is today?
Ajj din kiya hai
Milk is good to health
Doodh sehat k liye acha hai
Milk is good for you to health
Dhoodh tumhri sehat k liye acha hai
This yard is full of children.
Yeh sehan pura bacho se bhara hua hai
What is this in the picture?
Yeh kiya hai tasveer mein
One is strong. The other is weak.
Aik taqatwar hai baki kamzoor hai
That’s a good idea
Yeh acha khayal hai
That’s very kind of you.
Yeh app ki bohat meharbani hai
What he said is something.
Kiya us ney kuch kaha hai
All you have to do is add the letters.
Tumhey karma hai k tumam letter shamil ya jama ho
This is my girl going into the door.

Yeh darwaze mein jo rahi hai larki hai woh meri larki hai
To do as you suggest would be out of the question.
Waisa hi karoo jaisa tum ney tajwees kiya k sawal se bahar ho jaye ga
That is exactly what we want to learn.

Yeh bilkul wohi hai kiya jo hum yaad karma chahte hai

Poem Written By Sir Tariq In Urdu

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