Interview Questions And Answers With Angel

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Interview Questions And Answers With Angel

Welcome To English Language Online , Yesterday I took interview with my Student So i am going to Share With You Hope you Like it and also you can check my this postQuestions! vocab about job interview
Interview Questions And Answers With Angel

Interview Questions And Answers With Angel

Q.What is your nick name?

A.My nick name is pari.

Q.What do you do?

A.Nothing at all.

Q.What is your qualification?

A.I am waiting for 2nd year result.

What is your favorite personality?

My father.

What is your favorite song?

My favorite song is kabhi alvida na kahna.

What is your favorite dish ?

My favorite dish is pasta and biryani.

What is your favorite colour?

My favorite colour is black.

What is your aim of life?

I want to become a cashier.

Do you like a drawing?


What is your favorite dress?

Jeans nd quarti.

Do you like a shopping?


Do you like fashion?

Yes .

Share your dreams?

I want to go hajj with my family but I want to spend my own income.

What would you do if you could go any where?

I would like to go Paris .

What do you enjoy doing in spare time/

Setting alone and listing song.

Written by pari

Golden words by Tariq

Khush rhana k lia dosro ko khush rkhna zarori hai
Dil ka sukoon k lia ALLAH k zikar zarori hai

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she is my best student. She is in 2nd year commerce,she is an honest and intellgent girl she has been learning english for 1 week, she works hard

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