Advertising With us

Advertising With us

Advertisement With Us

Assalam o alaikum every one here is information about advertisement, there some rules of “Advertising with us” there are so many way to promote your website/blog but I have only three way before telling you how to promote your website/blog, let me tell you the rules of advertising
1.       Website/blog  should be related to education
2.       Tell your about your website/blog first
3.       Hacking websites are not allowed
4.       Bad website are not allowed
5.        The most important  I will accept only those website that women,children and families can easily open
6.       Islamic website/blog are allowed I will be happy to Advertising here for Islamic website

If you read above mentioned rules so Now I am going to share with you how to promote your website/blog by advertising, there are three way to advertisement with us
1.       Free Advertising here by exchange of banner
2.       Paid for Advertisement at low price
3.       Help and work with us , also you can write any article for this blog so it is totally free advertisement  in return I will add your banner
if you really wanna advertising here so why are you waiting just contact with me and don’t be hesitate  to contact me

English language Tips from author

 Do practice  at  home       
 If you want to remove your hesitation and also want to build confident so first start speaking in front of mirror 
Speak Some English sentence daily
Try to make environment 
 Speak English with your friends

Author’s views

Assalam O Alikum (Peace on You From My Side/May God Bless And Peace You)
I Am Trying My Best to Give You Best
If You Need Any help You Can Request, I Will help You
You can request regarding education and general knowledge
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