English translation sentences In Urdu

Thursday, December 18, 2014

English translation sentences In Urdu

assalam o alaikum i have written  more than 1000 sentences in Urdu/English for my students in this blog all are them are very common in our daily life so learn these sentences and speak in your daily life
2. The verb to be
I am, You are, he/she/it is, we are, you are, they are (present)
I was, You were, he/she/it was, we were, you were, they were (past)
I will be (I should be), You will be, he/she/it will be, we will be, you will be, they will be
I would be, you would be, he/she/it would be. we would be,
you would be, they would be
English translation sentences In Urdu

I am a girl.
Main larki ho
I am not a girl.
Main larki nehi ho
Are you a girl?
Kiya tum larki ho
Who are you?
Tum kon hoo
How old are you?
Tum kitne saal k hoo
How are you?
Tum kaisey ho
Where are you?
Tum kaha per ho
My father is in his office.
Mere abu apne daftar mein hai
Who’s that man over there?
Yeh kon banda hai waha per
I’m eight years old
Main 8 saal ka ho
It is seven. It must be seven.
Yeh 7 hai , yeh lazman saath ho ga
It is difficult.
Yeh muskhil hai
It is wonderful.
Yeh harat aangeez hai
It’s ten o’clock.
10 baje hai
It is time for you to get up.
Yeh waqt hai tumhre uthne ka
I’m interested in this book.
Main dilchaspi hai es kitab mein
I’m very fond to you as a friend.
Majhey khushi ho gi tumhey dost bana kar
I’m thirsty.
Main piyasa ho
I’m busy just now.
Main bus abhi masroof ho
I’m afraid.
I’m sure.
I’m sorry.
Majhey dar hai
Majhey yaqeen hai
Main mazrat kha ho
I’m glad you like it.

(I’m glad to hear your good news.)
Majhey khushi hui tumhey yeh pasand aya
Majhey khushi hui yeh khabar sun kar
I’m ready for breakfast.
Main tayar ho nashte k liye
I’m good at tennis.
Main tennis mein acha ho
What time is it?
Waqt kiya ho raha hai
It’s two minutes past six.
6 baj k 2 minutes hue hai
It’s half past seven.
7:30 hue hai
It’s a quarter past five.
5:15 minute hue hai
It’s two minutes to six.
It’s two sharp.
Purey 2 baje hai
It’s 6:30.
6 baj kar 30 minutes hue hai
How many are they?
Kitne hai wooh log
How many flowers are they?
Wooh kitne phool hai / wooh kis tarha k phools hai
How much rice are they?
Wooh kitne chawal hai / wooh kis tarha k chawal hai
What is your father?
Tumhre abu kiya karte hai
Are you sure?
Kiya tumhey yaqeen hai?
What are you afraid of?
Tum kis cheaz se dar rahe ho
Kis se tum dar rahe ho
It’s in the sky.
It’s near my home
It’s on the sea
It’s on the left of TV
Yeh asmaan mein hai
Yeh mere gher k kareeb hai
Yeh samandar per hai
Yeh tv k ulti side per hai
On the right
Sidhey hath per
behind her
Us k pichey
in front of TV
Tv k agay
by desk
Maiz ki taraf se
beside her
Us k saath
Under the tree
Darakh k nichey
on the table
Table k upper
in the room
Kamre k andar
The car is near the tree
Care darkht k kareeb hai

  1. Your hat looks very nice

  1. Tumhri topi achi lagti hai
  2. Tumhri topi achi lag rahi hai

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