Basic English Sentence In Urdu

Friday, May 2, 2014

Basic English Sentence In Urdu

Assalam o Alaikum kids ,student , teachers and parents Mostly student ask me sir give us daily routine sentence and common sentence that we can use in our daily life here I am going to give basic sentence that we can use in our daily life these sentences are most common I think every one knows these sentence check this
lesson One In Urdu and Interview Question Answer

Common And Basic English Sentence For Daily Use In Urdu

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Always speak truth                             
humesha such bolo
Telling a lie is bad habit /habbit                   
jhoot bolna bori adat hai
Carry on
Jari rakho
How old are you?
Tum kitne saal k hoo
I am 28 years old
Main 28 saal ka hoo
What time is it?
Waqt kiya ho raha hai
Who are you?
Tum kon ho?
Where were you yesterday
Tum kal kaha they?
What is the color/colour  of your car?
Tumhri gari ka rang kiya hai?
What is the color of your bike?
Tumhri motor cycle  ka colour kiya?
Where ware you yesterday?                  
Tum kal kaha they?
What time is it?                                      
Waqt kiya ho raha hai?
Who are you?                                          
Tum kon ho?
Don’t stair at me                                   
Majhey ghoro mat
Don’t go there                                        
Waha mat jaoo
Don’t tell a lie                                         
Jhoot mat bolo
Don’t  shout                                           
Chikho mat / chillaoo mat
Don’t drink water in fasting                  
Rozey mein pani mat piyo
Improve your writing                           
Apni likhai dorust karo/ apni likhai sahi karoo
Don’t you know                                    
Kiya tum nehi jante
Don’t smoke fag                                   
cigarate mat peeao
Don’t be scared                                    
daro mat
Don’t chew babule                               
babule mat chabao
Don’t eat my brain                               
Mera demagh mat khaoo
Don’t worry                                           
bafikr rho

Don’t do this                                         
Yeh mat karo
Don’t do this to me                             
Mere saath yeh mat karoo
Don’t take tension                               
Pershan mat hoo
Don’t follow me                                    
mera pechaa mat kro
Don’t think                                              
Socho mat
Don’t make me fool                               
Majhy ullu mat banaoo /mujhay pagal mat banao
Turn on the fan                                      
phanka khol do
Turn off the fan
Pankha band kar do
I don’t have a watch                             
Mere pass ghari nehi hai
Keep your mouth shut                         
apna mouh band karo

 What is your name?  ( APP KA NAAM KYA HAI)
My name is tariq    (mera naam tariq hai)

 Where do you live? (App kaha rahte hai)
 I live in karachi          ( main karachi mein rahta ho)

 What is your address?  ( app ka paata kya hai = paaata se murad gher ka ka number)
My address is La54 block 15 Gulshan e Mustafa , F.B Area karachi ( mera paata hai la 54 block15)

What is your cell number?  ( app ka mobile number kiya hai)
My  cell number is  03433498272  ( mera mobile yeh hai 03433498272)

Where do you work?  ( app kaha per kaam karte hai)
I work at Muhammad din Muhammad Shareef & Co ( main mds mein kam karta ho ) mds is short form

What kind of work do you do? ( app kis kisam ka kam karte hai)
I’m  a computer operator         ( main computer operator ho)

What is your work phone number?  ( app jaha kam karte hai waha ka phone number kya hai)
My work phone number is  03022282940 (mera office phone number ) note maine mobile number likha hai kyon k  main apna office number show nehi karna chah raha tha es liye

What is your license number? ( app ka license number kya hai ) license matlab driving license
My license number is  000000 ( mera license number 00000 hai)

How to speak English language In Urdu

This is very important question I think every one think about it
(Yeh bohat eham sawal hai mere khayal sey har kio sochta hai es barey mein) 

here is aswer first Thing you have to try to think in English whenever you go anywhere you just focus on the sentence and translate it
(yeh raha es ka jawab ka kis tarha ya kaisey angrrazi language bolni hai  pehli cheaz app ko koshish karni hai har cheaz angrezi mein sochey, jab kabhi ap kahi jaye  app ko bus dehan rakhna hai jumley per aur usey tabdeel karna hai)

Now you all are thinking how can we make sentence? It is very easy you just make in English don’t think it will be right or wrong
(Ab app tamam soch rahe ho gai hum sentence kaisey banaye? Yeh bohat hi asaan hai bus jumla banaye Angrazi mein yeh mat soche k wooh jumla theek ho ga ya galat ho ga) 

Try to read Smash magzine and dawn newspaper
(Koshish karey smash magzin parhne ki aur dawn akbhar ko)

Try to watch comedy shows on disney channel
(Koshish kary comedy shows dhekney ki disney channel per)

Now you have question in your mind why should we do these thing if we don’t understand  so don’t care about this , just only speak  , read , write  , listen  and most important watch english lessons

( ab app ka demagh mein yeh sawal ho ga humhey yeh sub kyon karna chahye hai ager hum Angrazy samjhte hi nehi , es barey mein fikar na karey ka app ko samjh aye ya na aye bus sirf Angrayzi bole, parhe,  likhe,  Sunney, aur sub se aham  angrazi lesson dhekaye aur suney)


Never play with feeling of others because you may win the game but the risk is that you will surely loose the person for life time……

Kabhi bhi dosro k jazbaato se mat khelo  kyo k tum sayad es khel mein jeet jaoo lekin katra yeh hai ka tum lazman us bandey ko khoo do gai zindagi bhar k liye

you may like it  because this topic also written by sir tariq

Short Forms Formal And Informal

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