Lesson Five How to Make Question or Interrogative Sentence In Future Sim...

How to Make Question or Interrogative Sentence In Future Simple Tense In Urdu! Hindi
Will/shall+Subject +verb1stform +Extra words

I will return it
I will not return it
Will I return it?

He will come back
He will not come back
Will he come back?

I will work with you
I will not work with you
Will I work with you?

You will meet me tomorrow
You will not meet me tomorrow
Will you meet me tomorrow?

She will like me
She will not like me
Will she like me?

He will go to market
He will not go to market
Will he go to market?

I will see you again
I will not see you again
Will I see you again?

They will play cricket
They will not play cricket
Will they play cricket?

We will take breakfast at 8:30 A.m
We will not take breakfast at 8:30 A.M
Will he take breakfast at 8:30 am?

I will be successful
I will not be successful
Will i be successful?

She will be there for me
She will not be there for me
Will she be there for me?

He will be back soon
He will not be back soon
Will he be back soon?

Will you do me a favour?
Will you do it for me?
Will you marry me?